Scientific Conference with international participation

Dear Colleagues,

Faculty of Political Science of the University of Banja Luka is organizing a Scientific Conference with international participation, on 10th November 2017, entitled: „Re-construction of Social Reality“, at the Faculty of Political Science in Banja Luka (Address: Bulevar vojvode P. Bojovica 1A, 78000 Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska/Bosnia and Herzegovina).

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Факултет политичких наука

Sub-themes of the Conference „Re-construction of Social Reality“

Political Science Session:

  • Politics in times of post-truth
  • The position of critical thinking on political processes and analysis of social reality
  • Newspeak and ideological distress
  • Reinventing of political and national identities
  • Challenges of new politics and reforms of political institutions
  • Public interest in post factual times

Sociology Session:

  • Re-Construction in Education
  • Re-Construction in Urban settings (branding, modern urban needs, urban arts, quality of life etc.)
  • Re-Construction in Rural settings (survival of villages, villages and villagers, sustainable village concepts, quality of life, depopulation of villages etc.)
  • Modern Sociology phenomenon and moral
  • Re-Construction in Culture
  • Modern Cultural needs
  • Reviewing social institutions in the world of modern sociology phenomenon
  • Sociology and daily life of Media

Journalism and Communications Session:

  • New journalism culture in times of information technologies
  • Mass media contents versus reality
  • Post-truth and journalism in BiH

Social Work Session:

  • Social problems as constructs f social reality
  • Humanization of social relations

Key Speakers


prof.dr Misa Djurkovic

Science Advisor at the Institute for European Studies in Belgrade

prof.dr Nebojsa Vladisavljevic

Faculty of Political Science University of Belgrade

prof. dr Srdjan Sljukic

Faculty of Philosophy University of Novi Sad

prof. dr Branimir Stojkovic

Faculty of Political Science University of Belgrade

prof. dr Vladimir Barovic

Faculty of Philosophy University of Novi Sad

prof. dr Mladen Knezevic

from Zagreb

prof. dr Miroslav Brkic

Faculty of Political Science University of Belgrade

Important Dates

Abstracts can be sent to the official e-mail address of the Conference or submitted at the webpage by clicking the “submit” button below this text. Please take into consideration important dates noted in the table on the right.

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  • 6th October 2017 Submission of Abstracts

    Call for submitting Abstracts is open until 6th October 2017. (24:00 hrs.)

  • 13th October 2017 Information on acceptance

    Information on Abstract acceptance will be sent to authors after the peer review by the Review Board, before 13th October 2017.

  • 6th November 2017 Submission of Papers

    Deadline for authors of accepted Abstracts to send their manuscripts/papers is 6th November 2017 (24:00 hrs).